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09/30/2021 | RISE NM

State creates early childhood and daycare system to meet modern workforce needs

Until the pandemic, women made up more than 52% of the work force. In the last 70 years women have not only entered the workforce in greater numbers but have expanded their presence in almost every profession and occupation. Two-income families have increased dramatically, leading to an increased need for full-time childcare.

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09/26/2021 | RISE NM

Youth can lead the way on vaccination efforts

Currently, 46% of New Mexicans ages 18 to 24 are fully vaccinated compared to nearly 70% for all age groups. Students can change that statistic through their leadership and activism.

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09/23/2021 | RISE NM

Ready NM training boot camp leads to “new collar” jobs in New Mexico

New Mexico employers seeking over 1,000 workers with smart manufacturing skills

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09/22/2021 | RISE NM

GEAR UP Week: New Mexico Celebrates College Readiness

Thousands of middle and high school students across New Mexico will have the chance to learn more about their college and career options this week as the state celebrates National GEAR UP Week.

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09/13/2021 | RISE NM

N.M. Dept. of Higher Ed to Prioritize Data, STEM Teachers

The department’s budget priorities for the 2023 fiscal year include college scholarships, the state’s longitudinal data system, and covering student debt for STEM and technical education teachers.

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